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Writings and Interviews

Dr. Tessier is a nationally recognized speaker on the topic of environmental illness. She has presented at numerous professional medical conferences- lecturing and training other physicians about the ins and outs of mold illness. Conference appearances include AAEM, ISEAI, AAMP and AIHM among others. 

Dr. Tessier is well known beyond her professional colleagues and has been featured by numerous media outlets with interviews focusing on mold. She has appeared numerous times on local Vermont radio stations and Vermont CBS affiliate station WCAX. Dr. Tessier has been featured on various popular podcasts including:​


As for print experiences, Dr. Tessier has been cited by various media outlets including MSN, Readers Digest, and Paleo Magazine. Dr. Tessier also writes regularly for various outlets, including Naturopathic Doctor News and Review; articles include:

Dr. Tessier acts as a guest blogger for the air purification company Molekule; articles include:

In addition to being a nationally known educator, Dr. Tessier maintains a busy and successful medical practice and also acts as the President of the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (a nonprofit dedicated to training physicians so that they may better serve their patients suffering from environmentally acquired illness). 

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