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Read what people are saying about Life After Mold and Dr. Lauren Tessier:

"Dr. Tessier was the only physician to properly diagnose a mold exposure as a source of new problems. And once again, with proper diet and treatment, I am healthy again. I figure I am going to have a lifelong relationship with Dr. Tessier!"

"I was so happy to find Dr. Tessier! She is one of the few doctors in Vt that is familiar in treating mold toxicity. I had been sick for almost a year and had seen several other doctors, before finding Dr. Tessier. Lauren was the first doctor to actually help me in my healing process. Her knowledge was invaluable. She was an answered prayer and has greatly helped our family. I highly recommend Dr. Tessier!"

"She is the first person to take my issue seriously."

"Dr.Lauren Tessier is professional, on point, knowledgeable and kind. Really excited to be working with her as my doctor."

"​Thorough, conscientious, non-dogmatic, caring and involved."

"Dr. Tessier was so kind, warm and incredibly helpful. I would so highly recommend her and her office to anyone. Thank you so much."

"Having been thru one doctor and another. I happily discovered Dr. Tessier. She asked me more legitimate questions on our first meeting than doctors I had seen countless times. She is professional but kind hearted. Unlike other doctors. She Listens!"

"​Dr. Tessier was fantastic to work with. Very straightforward and efficient and I look forward to my next visit. Very highly recommended!"

"Dr. Tessier is a great listener, well educated and considerate to the needs that I present her with. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting "more than the ordinary" health advice and support. Her office is professional, warm and inviting."

"Dr. Tessier addresses personal health from a holistic perspective. We are not a disconnected chaos of individual parts. She is a brilliant doctor who promotes this understanding while respecting her patients' partnership in choices. Highly recommended!"

"Unlike most doctor visits, Lauren takes the time to try to get to the bottom of the problem, and addresses it accordingly. All of my previous health concerns have been brought under control. I would definitely recommend her as a physician."

"Dr. Lauren Tessier is highly knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. Her caring, relaxed manner combines quite nicely with her obvious competence and passion for her work. She listened attentively, and provided treatment with own my needs in mind."

"Dr. Lauren Tessier is someone that I respect, trust and very much appreciate. While in her care, it is clear to me that she is dedicated, has a "whole body" approach and is willing to stretch her mind in order to find the right diagnosis. Thank you!"

"She's magical, and goodness- does she make me laugh. It's not everyday you feel at home with a physician"

"Best doctor ever! love her reasonableness, excellent bedside manner. She truly cares for the patient and takes the time needed to address my issues. I would recommend her to everyone! Truly The BEST!"

"Professional, courteous, good communicator, conscientious,  great support staff, clean office, good air quality."

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