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As an individual living with mold related illness, it is important that you become your own best advocate. Below are some resources which have been helpful to those living with biotoxin illness due to mold exposure, often referred to as CIRS, or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, a form of Environmentally Acquired Illness or EAI.









General information Websites:

-ISEAI- International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness

-Surviving Mold

-Mold Illness Made Simple

General information Books & Documents:

-Mold Illness: Surviving and Thriving

-Surviving Mold

-Mold Warriors

-Prescriptions for A Healthy House

-Biotoxin Pathway Map


Building & Indoor Air Quality Information:

-Indoor Environmental Professional Consensus Statement

-Medically Sound Investigation & Remediation in cases of CIRS


CIRS aware Indoor Environmental Professionals:

-Rich Finigan

-Greg Weatherman

-Michael Schrantz

-Larry Schwartz

CIRS aware Remediators:

-Cleanway Services

ERMI & HERTSMI-2 testing kits:



Air filters, home monitoring, safe traveling:

-HomeLab Monitors

-Molekule Air Purifier

-Pure Room

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