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Prime Day: Lymphatic Support

Sure, I get it. If you're someone who can withstand the capitalist cornerstone that is Amazon- good for you!

For those of you always looking for a deal, well then- you're in for a treat. I have a few lists of my favorite items currently on sale for Prime Day*.

Support of the Lymphatic system is incredibly important to anyone navigating mold illness. It's proper function is required for a healthy immune system, balanced inflammation signaling (yes, there is such thing as good inflammation), cellular waste removal, detoxification and lipid metabolism.

The Lymphatic system plays a huge rule in fluid balance. Dehydration isn't the only thing to worry about when it comes to fluid balance (check out my Prime Day: Hydration list). With an imbalanced fluid system comes swelling (edema), dizziness, fatigue, increased urination, increased thirst and even POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome).

Thankfully there are quite a few tools out there that can help prevent fluid balance issues, or help to minimize the symptoms.

The first item is this handheld (heavy), stainless steel massage tool. It's small enough to be used on the head and neck, and it's weighted perfectly so that the tool, rather than your arm, does all the work. Plus it is stainless steel so it's easily washed if you use lotions or oils. While it's a little more than what is needed for lymphatic massage, it's helpful for releasing fascia restrictions which can help to hold on to edema and problematic swelling patterns.

Next up is the lower body compression system by Fit King. While it looks intimidating, this product is incredible for helping return the lymph to the central circulatory system. A big issue with lymph is that it is forever waging a war against gravity- and sometimes your body needs some assistance. While walking and exercising should be helpful- that's sometime impossible for people with Mold Illness, Complex Chronic Illness, CFS, and POTS. Instead systems such as this one employs cyclic compression, which results in a pumping action- thus helping to return the lymph to the systemic circulation.

Here's a fun one. So, some back story, just over ten years ago the medical paradigm believed that the blood brain barrier was impermeable, and that there were no lymphatics that drained the brain. Turns out, they were wrong. In 2012, the glymphatic system was discovered, and just like any other part of the lymphatic system- it helps remove waste products, but specifically from the brain and surrounding cerebral spinal fluid. Now here's the cool part. The glymphatic system needs good alignment in order to flow properly. A neck with poor alignment means decreased removal of toxins and increased fluid pressure on the brain and nervous system. Turns out, research has demonstrated that the best alignment for glymphatic flow is actually side lying. When in this lateral-side laying position it is important to make sure that your head is maintained in a neutral fashion. Yes, I know it might sound silly at face value, but pillows such as this one- The Pillow Cube Side Pro - is actually perfect for maintaining this proper alignment. And It's 41% off right now.

Up next is another suggestion straight out of the medical research. People with POTS can be benefited by sleeping with the head of the bed inclined. It is suggested that the elevation be 20-30 cm, or some say about 60 degrees.

So why does this work? It turns out that when sleeping in a horizontal position, our body naturally increases the secretion of a hormone known as Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP). ANP tells the kidneys to reduce the reabsorption of sodium- aka pee it out- along with water. This drop in the body's water content leads to a drop in blood volume, which mean a lower blood pressure and a potential worsening of POTS and POTS-like symptoms. So when you elevate your head during sleep, the secretion of ANP drops, which means less peeing, which means less sodium/water loss, which maintains the fluid volume in the blood. A well maintained fluid volume means more stable blood pressure and less POTS symptoms. Which brings me to this pillow wedge system, it's the perfect angle (just about 60 degrees) to help combat the blood volume drop!

This next one makes me feel like a kid at heart. Mini trampolines are an easy way to get the lymphatic system flowing. As mentioned before, exercise is a great way to stimulate lymphatic flow, unfortunately many chronically ill folks experience a push-crash cycle when they exercise; essentially it's difficult to get moving in a way that doesn't leave them tired for days on end. Mini trampolines don't take up much space, and they don't require high intensity jumping to receive benefit. A gentle bounce wherein your body weight is responsible for the recoil (think of it more as a vertical jiggle) can be enough to get the lymph moving, without burning too much energy. Unfortunately, the kindly lady in the photo has yet to learn this -nonetheless- get it girl!

Finally, socks. What does hosiery have to do with lymph? Well, not unlike the compression boots, compression socks help with pooling of lymphatic fluid in the lower extremity. To be clear, I think of the compression boots (above) as a treatment, whereas I consider compression socks to be a day-to-day preventative measure. Compression socks prevent your lymph from pooling, which means that less fluid will exit circulation, and which means there a better chance of blood volume being maintained, which helps to reduce POTS-like symptoms. Thankfully, compression socks have come a long way- these aren't your Grandma's compression socks (No offense, she was a lovely lady, I'm sure). They not only have compression socks with cute styles- they also have wide calf sizes. However, keep in mind, the nature of compression socks is for them to be tight, but with that being said- you do want them to fit properly.

I hope these suggestions were helpful. Keep in mind certain physician directed supplements can be helpful for fluid balance- check out my Fullscript Sale running through Oct 13th 2023 11:59pm.

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